China News Network, September 9 According to a report on the 21th local time in Russia today, Indian government officials accused that the Canadian government provided asylum or citizenship to "individuals facing serious terrorism charges" in India, allowing them to operate freely on Canadian territory.

Indian officials reportedly say there are at least nine separatist groups in Canada that openly support the threat of assassination, promote a separatist agenda and carry out targeted killings in India.

According to the Indian side, Canada has not taken any action against individuals involved in serious crimes, and India's extradition requests for individuals associated with these organizations have not received a response from the Canadian side.

Earlier, the Canadian side has formally accused India of assassinating Sikh activists in Canada through official channels.

According to the British "Guardian" report, because the Canadian side suspected that India and the Canadian Sikh leader were shot and killed, the relations between the two countries deteriorated sharply, and they announced the expulsion of a senior diplomat from the other side on the 19th. On the 20th, the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminded Indian citizens in Canada to "maintain a high degree of vigilance."

India urged Indian citizens planning to travel to or live in Canada to "exercise high vigilance" in view of "the increasing number of anti-India activities and politically motivated hate crimes and violent crimes in Canada," the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said in a statement.

Noting that some recent threats have targeted Indian diplomats and "Indians opposed to the anti-India agenda" in Canada, the Indian side called on Indians not to travel to areas where similar incidents have occurred in Canada before.

Canada had warned its tourists in India earlier this week to be "on high alert," saying there was "a threat of terrorist attacks." For the reminder issued by India to its citizens on the 20th, Canada responded that "Canada is a safe country."