The head of the Houthi political council, Mahdi al-Mashat, said in a televised interview that they are ready to address any concerns Saudi Arabia has as much as Riyadh's readiness to address Sanaa's concerns, after a 5-day round of talks between the two parties.

Al-Mashat added that Sanaa will only be a source of good and peace for its surroundings and neighborhoods and all the countries of its Muslim nation, as he put it.

In the same regard, the UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, welcomed the visit of the Houthi delegation to Riyadh.

Grundberg expressed gratitude for the efforts of Saudi Arabia and Oman aimed at resolving many contentious issues to facilitate the resumption of the Yemeni political process under the auspices of the United Nations.

The UN envoy stressed the importance of continuing coordinated regional and international consultations to help Yemen reach a lasting peace.

Omani Mediation

On Tuesday, the Houthi delegation ended a 5-day round of talks with Saudi officials in Riyadh, in the presence of the Omani mediation delegation, to discuss a possible agreement that could pave the way for ending the conflict in Yemen for nearly 8 years.

Ali al-Qahoum, a member of the Houthi movement's political bureau, said the negotiations were characterized by seriousness, positivity and optimism in overcoming the decade in humanitarian files, adding that there will be a new round of negotiations.

According to Reuters, the talks focused on reopening Houthi-controlled ports, fully opening Sanaa airport, paying government employees' wages, boosting reconstruction efforts, as well as setting a timetable for the exit of foreign troops from Yemen.

The Houthi delegation's visit to Riyadh came about five months after a Saudi delegation visited Sanaa to discuss the peace process.

U.S. Special Envoy for Yemen Timothy Lenderking said there was an ongoing need to work together and build on gains to establish an inclusive platform that brings Yemenis together.

Lenderking added that the renewed momentum is an important step that contributes positively to UN mediation efforts, a sustainable ceasefire throughout Yemen, and welcomed the arrival of the Houthi delegation to Riyadh.