The leaflet "How prepared are you in a crisis?" contains tips and exercises to help households build their home preparedness and better cope with stresses. It is a collaboration between Region Gotland, Gotlandshem, Stronger Gotland and the County Administrative Board of Gotland.

Take care of yourself for up to seven days

As a Gotlander, you are part of Gotland's preparedness, they write. And in times of crisis, there is a risk that you have to do without, for example, heating, lighting, water and much more.

Home preparedness is your own responsibility

Since Sweden's crisis preparedness is based on everyone taking joint responsibility for their own safety and that of their loved ones, you have to build up your home preparedness, which means being able to manage without the help of society for at least a week.

The folder is available in both Swedish and English and can also be downloaded.

Carl Fredrik Graf, County Governor of Östergötland, will investigate the responsibility of municipalities and regions in the event of a crisis. Hear more in the clip.

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Carl Fredrik Graf, County Governor of Östergötland, investigates society's preparedness Photo: Erika Landt