China News Network Zhuhai, September 9 (Reporter Deng Yuanwen) The 20 Qinzhuan-Macao Integrated Circuit Industry Promotion Summit and the 2023th "China Chip" Award Ceremony opened in Zhuhai on the 20th. During the two-day period, well-known experts and scholars in the industry and executives of domestic leading enterprises discussed the high-quality development of the integrated circuit industry around the theme of "Core Opportunities, New Future".

Wu Jiangxing, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is giving a special report. Photo courtesy of Zhuhai Bureau of Industry and Information Technology

The conference was guided by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province and the China Semiconductor Industry Association, and hosted by the China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute, Zhuhai Municipal People's Government and the Executive Committee of the Guangdong-Macao Intensive Cooperation Zone in Hengqin.

How do you balance resources and performance with high-performance computing? Wu Jiangxing, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in a special report for the conference that the current route of relying on the process to improve chip performance is facing great difficulties and challenges, and the software-defined on-crystal system based on integrated innovation can break through the limitations of process innovation and structural innovation, and is expected to walk out of a road of independent innovation and strategic breakthrough of Chinese chips that are weakly related to advanced processes.

Luo Yi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, also made a special report on "optoelectronic devices and digital economy". Luo Yi pointed out that high-speed optoelectronic chips are the foundation of the digital economy, at present, China has built the world's largest information and communication network, optical concentric machine equipment manufacturers have achieved obvious development advantages in the domestic and international markets, but still face high-end optoelectronic devices subject to human risk challenges. He suggested that we should vigorously promote the construction of new R&D institutions, cultivate scientific and technological talents with experimental ability, and accelerate the construction of a new mechanism for industry-university-research collaboration with the goal of industrialization.

As the "highlight of this conference", the results of the 18th "China Chip" excellent product selection were officially released.

The scene of the 18th "China Chip" award ceremony. Photo courtesy of Zhuhai Bureau of Industry and Information Technology

It is understood that the "China Chip" excellent product selection is known as the "wind vane" of integrated circuit products and technology development, aiming to commend the achievements of product innovation, technological innovation and application innovation in the field of domestic integrated circuits, play a demonstration effect, influence and drive the development of the industry, and has been successfully held for 2006 sessions since its launch in <>.

This year, a total of 285 chip products from 398 chip companies were collected, all of which reached a record high.

After strict selection, a total of 120 products were successfully shortlisted in this year's "China Chip" excellent product selection, including 9 products in Zhuhai.

In addition, the conference also held the unveiling ceremony of the "Guangdong-Macao Integrated Circuit Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park", as well as the release of "Qiangxinbao" automotive chip exclusive insurance products and the first batch of signing ceremonies in China. (End)