According to the website of the Ministry of Public Security, on the evening of September 9, as three chartered flights of China's civil aviation landed at Beijing Daxing International Airport and Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport respectively, 21 telecom network fraud suspects who committed cross-border naked chat extortion captured by the Chinese police and Indonesian police through police law enforcement cooperation were escorted back to China from Indonesia by the Beijing and Shandong public security organs, and more than 9 cross-border naked chat extortion cases involving many provinces and cities across the country were successfully solved.

In view of the current trend of frequent and high incidence of naked chat extortion crimes, the Ministry of Public Security organized and deployed public security organs in Beijing, Shandong and other places to pay close attention to key cases, strengthen research and analysis, strengthen clue exploration, and initially grasp the relevant situation of the extraordinarily large cross-border naked chat extortion criminal gang entrenched in Indonesia. In August this year, the Ministry of Public Security sent personnel to lead a working group formed by the Beijing and Shandong public security organs to work in Indonesia, and with the strong support of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia and the coordination of police liaison officers, the Indonesian police successfully destroyed relevant criminal dens on August 8, arrested 8 telecommunications network fraud suspects who committed cross-border naked chat extortion, and seized a large number of computers, mobile phones, bank cards and other crime tools. Subsequently, after digging deep along the line, the working group found a number of naked chat and extortion criminal dens hidden in Batam, Kalimantan and other places in Indonesia, and on the basis of grasping the relevant criminal facts and evidence, cooperated with the Indonesian police to organize the second round of net collection operations, arrested 29 criminal suspects, and severely cracked down on the arrogance of criminals.

The relevant responsible person of the Ministry of Public Security said that telecommunications network fraud crimes such as naked chat and extortion seriously endanger social order and seriously infringe on the interests of the masses. The public security organs will always maintain a high-pressure and severe crackdown on such crimes, continue to deepen international law enforcement cooperation, continuously intensify the crackdown, resolutely bring criminals to justice, and earnestly safeguard the safety of people's property and lawful rights and interests.