An American crypto analytics firm has revealed that North Korea has moved some of the crypto assets stolen in the cyberattack, worth $2190.<> million, to Russian exchanges. He points out that the two countries are cooperative in money laundering in cyberspace, which poses a security threat.

From the website of the analysis company "Chainalysis"

In North Korea, it has been pointed out by the United Nations and other organizations that a hacker group that is said to be a subordinate organization of the authorities may steal huge amounts of crypto assets from companies around the world through cyberattacks and use them to fund nuclear and missile development.

According to the American crypto analysis firm Chainalysis, North Korea has moved $2190.3 million worth of crypto assets to a Russian exchange this year.

The assets are believed to be part of what they stole from an American IT company last year, and it is believed that money laundering is proceeding in Russia, where investigations are difficult to reach, amid tightening sanctions and crackdowns by Western authorities.

In addition, according to the company's analysis, North Korea has already stolen more than $4000 million in crypto assets this year.

Michael Gronager, CEO of Chainalysis, said the two countries are working together on money laundering in cyberspace: "Russia has nothing to lose by working with North Korea under sanctions. It is important to improve the capacity of governments to stop money laundering and seize assets."