More than five hours had to wait some of the 120 passengers of the Alvia Madrid-Huelva to be evacuated from the train to a taxi that would take them to their destination after an incident as a result of the lack of tension left them about 8 kilometers from the Huelva station.

As reported to Efe from Renfe, at 22:00 hours yesterday an incident that affected the electrification system caused the stop of the train at 17:45 hours, in an area of very difficult access.

Renfe activated the transfer of the 120 passengers by different means, which finally was impossible to carry out.

At first, another train was managed to tow the material that was stopped due to lack of tension in the infrastructure, although in the coupling of the two trains there was a failure, making it impossible to tow the train.

At the same time, buses were processed to evacuate travelers, and vehicles were not finally available.

This motivated Renfe to request the help of Civil Protection, Local Police and Adif security personnel for the evacuation of the passengers who were finally transferred through an all-terrain vehicle from the train to an access point, located about 500 meters away, from where they were transferred by taxi one by one to destination.

The last passenger was evacuated around 3:15 a.m.; during all that time the travelers were informed by the onboard staff and were given free food and drink.

At the same time, Adif technicians worked on repairing the incident that could not be solved until 04:00 hours.

Renfe has regretted the inconvenience caused to passengers by this incident, as a result of which the Alvia Huelva-Madrid of the 7.57 hours of this Wednesday has been provided with alternative service by road to Seville, where travelers have continued their journey by train.

These facts have motivated the reaction of the mayor of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, who has called on all social agents, administrations, political parties and businessmen from Huelva to go to Madrid to claim "with a single voice" the infrastructures that the province needs.

As indicated by the City Council in a press release, the mayor commented that passengers "had to wait for several hours without solution until finally they had to go local, national, taxi drivers and a fire checkpoint, which finally was not necessary, to be able to move people from the train to the station of Huelva ".

The councilor of the capital has shown her indignation at what happened and has been very affected because "at night I received the call from a person who was on the train and told me the scene. Small children crying and old people without light in the middle of nowhere... Huelva doesn't deserve that. As mayor I do not consent to it, I am not going to settle. I don't care if the president of the Government is from the PSOE or the PP. Huelva needs to be heard."

Miranda has lamented situations that "are not punctual" but a consequence of the poor rail service that Huelva receives: "The connections by road, rail and road are fatal and before this we must not settle, but fight all together because what is at stake is the future of Huelva. "

For this "we will go to Madrid as soon as there is a government to have the connections we deserve. I do not want to think that the Government is laughing at Huelva because we are not going to consent to that."

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