Despite the horrific disaster in the Libyan city of Derna caused by Hurricane Daniel, which hit it last week and caused massive destruction, one house remained resilient in the face of the storm, sparking a wave of reactions on social media.

The house, which was spotted by Libyan photographer Walid Taleb, gained great fame and was called by many names such as the Steadfast House and the Miracle House, while some said that the image is not real and that it is prepared by Photoshop.

An episode (September 20, 2022) of the program networks hosted the Libyan photographer who filmed the house to find out the truth of the matter.

The student said he actually photographed the house last Saturday evening with a drone to monitor the disaster that befell the city, and did not mean to photograph the house that survived the storm in particular.

The Libyan photographer explained that he was filming in the port of Derna, where he took several pictures of the destroyed city in order to convey what happened to it to the world, saying that the presence of this house standing in the middle of the destruction was remarkable.

When the student posted the photo on Facebook, he said he did not pay attention to it, but was surprised by a flood of messages about the house, which went viral.

The question that has not yet found a definitive answer is what made this particular house stand firm despite the destruction that the cyclone caused to a large part of Derna?

Activists and followers have circulated many theories about the house's survival, but so far there is no confirmed information, with some saying it was newly built and well built.

But some have looked at the location of the house, which is located in the eastern part of the city and next to it are many houses that were not damaged as well, as the western half of Derna was the most affected, as the flood destroyed a large part of it.

The photo of the house received great interaction on social networking sites, where some went to question the credibility of the image, and in this context Atka tweeted by saying, "Clear Photoshop... Where are the torrent traces? Where is the mud on the wall?"

As for Shaimaa, she said, "The idea is not even (that) the building is sitting intact. The building says how (as if) it was finished and the alleys were not yesterday and had a flood on its side."

Islam tried to provide a logical explanation for the steadfastness of the house, writing, "I think it is a modern building in that was not affected, as well as not in the first rows of the flood, while the rest of the houses, since they are on the first line and old buildings, were easily affected."

Finally, Mohammed bin Othman adopted the narrative that the house belonged to one of the orphan sponsors in the city, saying, "The flood of Derna destroyed most of the houses and became a relic after an eye, and this house remained steadfast until this moment because it is the house of the orphan sponsor, according to what one of his neighbors told him."

But the activist "Radiance of Hope" did not like this interpretation, which she saw as a tribute to the victims of the hurricane, "here frankness generalization injustice in the word livelihood halal and a defect in the right of people died in the torrent and people base Aisha monsters damaged we do not know them bash talk to them torrent what distinguishes between good and bad."

It should be noted that the official Libyan News Agency said that a team assigned by the Government of National Unity took over the task of counting the damage, explaining that the team estimated the total number of damaged buildings at about 1500,6142 out of a total of 400,<>, including <> swallowed by sea.