Foreign Minister Kamikawa, who is visiting New York, gave a speech at a symposium on the theme of women and peace, and expressed his enthusiasm for promoting the idea that it is important for women, who are prone to being victims of conflicts, to proactively participate in conflict prevention in Japan and overseas.

The theme of this symposium was "WPS," a resolution adopted by the United Nations Security Council in 2000, which emphasizes the importance of women who are vulnerable to victims of conflict and other disasters to actively participate in conflict prevention and post-conflict peace.

In his speech, Minister Kamikawa stated, "The Government of Japan is currently strengthening its efforts in the fields of the United Nations and international cooperation to promote the WPS, led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and recognizes the importance of the WPS, which incorporates the issues of women and girls, which have traditionally been discussed as social and economic issues, into the international community and security."

He also stated, "With the frequent occurrence of natural disasters around the world, it is extremely important to incorporate the concept of 'WPS' into the fields of disaster response, disaster prevention, and mitigation."

He then expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "As Minister for Foreign Affairs, I would like to continue to work toward promotion both domestically and internationally."