"Dixon is dead. It is difficult for us to accept what happened and it is difficult to inform you, all those who have been following the life of our cute bear for a year, worried and hoping for his recovery," the zoo said.

Some time ago, Dixon developed shortness of breath, he began to eat less and less often go to his outdoor enclosure, so nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs were added to the main therapy, but later his condition worsened again.

According to the conclusion of the veterinarians, the bear's condition worsened due to the progression of spinal cord lesions, as well as due to a secondary infection of the urinary and respiratory tract.

The zoo recalled that a year earlier, Dixon arrived in Moscow "in a terrible state": emaciated, with gunshot wounds and paralyzed limbs.

"We created comfortable conditions for him, veterinary care, surrounded him with care, deliciously fed him and gave him gifts. He didn't disappear in that coal pile. He lived surrounded by our love," the statement said.

The wounded polar bear was found on the polar island of Dikson in September 2022, after which it was taken to Moscow for treatment. The beast was found to have a gunshot wound and injuries to its limbs.