• Events The injured man dies after confronting the thief who allegedly stole his mobile phone in Barcelona

The Mossos d'Esquadra arrested on Wednesday a suspect of a deadly attack on the 12th in the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona. According to police sources, the detainee was riding a bicycle and had a confrontation with the victim, a driver, over a traffic issue. The two got into a fight and the victim received blows to the head that knocked him unconscious. He died hours later at the hospital. However, the suspect said that when he left the victim was still conscious.

The fight was over a traffic argument and at no time was there theft of the victim's mobile as explained at first. The driver, 58, was seriously injured after the attack and was admitted to the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona in critical condition, although he finally died last Friday.

The victim arrived by car at his home in the Poblenou neighborhood when he had a confrontation with the cyclist, 30 years old. According to several witnesses and the security cameras inspected by the Mossos, the two got into an argument and the suspect hit the victim on the head that made him fall to the ground and aggravated the injuries.

That is why he was left in critical condition while the cyclist left. After several days in critical condition, the victim died last Friday and this Wednesday the Mossos arrested him. The suspect, who has no record for robberies, will go to court in the coming hours.

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