Jacques Serais, edited by Laura Laplaud / Photo credits: HENRY NICHOLLS / POOL / AFP 07:40, September 19, 2023

Charles III will begin a three-day state visit in France on Wednesday, six months after he had to postpone his visit amid the anti-pension reform movement for what was supposed to be his first official visit abroad as king. A historical visit with a meticulous protocol.

For his first state visit across the Channel, King Charles III of England is expected in Paris on Wednesday. Elisabeth Borne will welcome the royal couple at 14 p.m. at Paris-Orly airport. The beginning of a historic visit with a meticulous protocol that could well give some cold sweats to the executive.

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Months of preparation

For less than 48 hours in Paris and less than 24 hours in Bordeaux, the state visit of Charles III and Camilla required months of preparation. Every detail was the subject of intense discussions between French and British services.

From its journeys to its means of transport, through the choice of food and wine, from the state dinner, to the selection of personalities that the royal couple will meet during this stay, the France proposes, the crown disposes. Thus, there will be no foie gras with truffles, as Elizabeth II appreciated, Charles having banned it from all royal residences.

The culmination of the protocol splendour during these two days, the reception at the Palace of Versailles on Wednesday evening. Each guest will be presented to the king and queen consort in a highly codified scenography. Tradition provides, for example, for the First Lady to bow to Charles and Camilla, even if a handshake is judged by Buckingham Palais to be equally polite. On the other hand, especially no kiss or kiss or hug.