Since July, Karlskrona municipality has paid SEK 125,000 per month in cold rent to rent Vattenborgen on Stortorget. According to the Karlskrona Alliance, this is justified in order to secure a future purchase of the property. But there is no price tag on the property yet.

The property is owned by Stenhusen Vattenborgen AB, which in turn is owned by the Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board Emma Swahn Nilsson's husband – where she also sits as a deputy on the board.

There is a lack of both public decision documentation and minutes from the municipality that can prove that she was not involved in the lease as a politician.

The remaining municipal councillors in the government assure that no conflict of interest has occurred.

"You're asking a question like someone is trying to deceive you, it's not," says Börje Dovstad (L).

Opens for external investigation

On Monday, the opposition announced that they demand an external independent investigation into the signing of the lease, among other things to get answers to whether there is any conflict of interest. Something that Bengt Jönsson (KD) is positive about.

– They are welcome to come in with such a request. I'm in favour of transparency," he says.

With the criticism as a background, could you have done something different in this from the beginning?

"Sure, you always can, if you reverse on a pole you can always do something to avoid it next time.

Hear the ruling politicians about Vattenborgen in the clip above