The 239 million from Sweden will go to "emergency and lifesaving" work in the world.

In total, Sweden will donate SEK 1.35 billion to the World Food Program this year.

Earlier this year, WFP Director Cindy McCain went out and begged the world for more money. Without supplements, the organization risked giving up food aid programs in several parts of the world, for example in Afghanistan as early as October.

"It's a combination of reasons, the pandemic, climate change, conflict have all led to increased costs for us," McCain said earlier this week.

Minister for Development Aid: "Eager to save lives"

According to Minister for Development Aid and Foreign Trade Johan Forssell (M), more people than ever in the world are suffering from hunger.

"Sweden will be involved in breaking and reversing this negative trend. We are keen to save lives and that fewer people will go hungry, not least women and children," he says.