Turkish authorities announced – Tuesday morning – the suicide of actress Murphy Kayalp, after she shot herself in the head yesterday evening.

According to the incident, Kayalp, who lives on Ghazi Street in Dalaman district in the southwestern state of Mugla, heard the gunfire and then called emergency services, police and ambulance teams, who came to the actress's residence to find her lifeless body.

The body was taken to the morgue of the Institute of Forensic Medicine (in the state) which confirmed that the actress committed suicide.

It turns out that the actress took advantage of her father's departure to the market to end her life abruptly and using a pistol licensed to her father, and it is not yet clear the reason behind this move, but she had previously hinted that she suffered from psychological pressure.

Funeral of Turkish actress Kayalp (Anatolia)

Fame and artistic career

Kayalp, whose life ended at the age of 36, is one of the stars of Turkish drama.

She received a bachelor's degree in acting from Süleyman Demirel University in Isparta, and after graduating she worked at the Istanbul State Theater for 1.5 years, after which she decided to move to the alternative theater, from which she began her artistic breakthrough.

She participated in many dramas and series, including "Sakarya Frat, The Little Day, Dreams and Hopes, Elif, A Question of Honor, and The Warrior".

She also gained fame in the Arab world after participating in a number of series, including "The Bird, the Warrior".

But the series "A Question of Honor" is the first work known by Kyalb in the Arab world after it achieved great success at the time of its presentation, and the work was co-created by Karam Borsin, Shukri Ozildiz, Borgo Berijik, and Yasmin Kay Allen.

This series gained wide fame for its story, which revolves in the framework of a suspense police drama about a simple family of 4 members, and after the death of the grandfather, they decided to go to Istanbul to achieve their dreams and hopes for a new quiet life, but the situation changed by stealing their jewelry store through one of the gangs, which causes the father to commit suicide and the family to be dispersed, so the sons decide to take revenge.