Since 2016, a recurring extra grant of SEK 500 million has been paid to folk high schools. It was then abolished at the change of government. Now the basic support for folk high schools will increase by SEK 100 million over the next three years.

"We are grateful that the government is paying attention to us in the autumn budget with SEK 100 million, but we do not think it is quite enough. Not least for the folk high schools that are fighting for their existence," says Anders Georgsson.

Raising the cost of boarding schools

Svf is not one of the worst affected schools, according to the principal. They have had to remove 12 training places, cut back on three services and increase the cost of accommodation at their boarding school by about ten percent.

Furthermore, Anders Georgsson believes that folk high school remains an important player in society to help young people further in life. At Södra Vätterbygdens folkhögskola, the largest course is general line, where students are given the opportunity to read up their upper secondary school grades and gain eligibility for higher education. In addition, there are post-secondary educations such as the journalism programme.

Students with disabilities

At the same time, Anders Georgsson says that they have always wanted to offer people with disabilities a chance for education.

"It has been and is an important part of our business as well. Right now we have a fairly large group of young people with NPS diagnoses such as autism and ahdh. We also want to do important work to ensure that they have the opportunity to receive education in a good way," says Anders Georgsson.

Research at Jönköping University also shows that folk high schools make it easier in several different ways for students with mental illness. The course participants have said, among other things, that they feel better in everyday life and have gained hope for the future.

See the pictures from Tuesday's manifestation in the clip above.