The split within the top echelons of the criminal network Foxtrot is suspected to have resulted in a ruthless wave of violence in Sweden and abroad. Several people have lost their lives.

One of them is Ismail Abdo's mother who was shot dead in a villa in Uppsala almost two weeks ago.

The origin of the ongoing revenge spiral is two events in early September in Istanbul in Turkey, according to SVT's information. First, a member of Ismail Abdo's faction was allegedly beaten – the response was a shooting at an address linked to Rawa Majid's faction.

Since then, the acts of revenge have followed each other in cities such as Uppsala, Stockholm and Norrköping.

"We establish the fact: people we have previously seen standing close to each other no longer do so but have sided with opposing sides," says Andreas Pallinder, head of the Uppsala police's investigation section.

Internal blows

But there are also indications that the split within the top echelons of the network began earlier with internal blowouts.

A recent gang case in court brings up a suspected duplicity on the part of Rawa Majid. According to the prosecutor, he is suspected of deceiving his own drug couriers and stealing drugs from another person within the Foxtrot network. Chats in the preliminary investigation indicate that it is about a person called "Dr. Phil", an alias that the police link to Ismail Abdo.

Previously sentenced to prison

Abdo has previously been convicted of, among other things, possession of weapons and serious drug offenses, in 2016 he was sentenced to five and a half years in prison. Since last autumn, he has been detained in absentia on suspicion of, among other things, extremely serious drug smuggling of 100 kilograms of amphetamines.

"Ismail Abdo has played a significant role in the above-mentioned handling of narcotics," the arrest record states.

But Ismail Abdo has not been arrested.

"With good reason, we believe that he is in Turkey and we also know that he has become a Turkish citizen. And Turkey, as is well known, does not extradite its citizens, he is wanted all over the world, says Daniel Jonsson, prosecutor for the chamber.