In a motion, the Moderates highlight the importance of letting the people of Västerås have their say. They now see an opportunity to work for a referendum on the new station in connection with the European elections in 2024.

Will be rejected

When SVT calls Staffan Jansson (S), chairman of the municipal executive board, he sees that the issue has already been decided as there is a broad political majority. And a referendum will not be on the table.

"We will reject it. There have been three general elections, we have changed and litigated this for over ten years. Now we want this to be built so that we get good communication for commuters and entrepreneurs. You have to say that it is good enough at some point, and we think the proposal that is on the table is really good, says Staffan Jansson (S) to SVT.

The announcement was both expected and disappointing for the Moderates.

"It will not be a good solution, large walls towards the city centre, no weather protection and long distances for passengers to move in a billion-dollar building, we cannot have that," says Elisabeth Unell (M).

On Wednesday, September 20, the municipal executive board will meet and then the Moderates' motion for a referendum is expected to be rejected.

Ahead of the 2022 election, SVT let Staffan Jansson (S) and opposition councillor Elisabeth Unell (M) duel on the issue of a new travel center.

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Watch the duel where Staffan Jansson (S), chairman of the municipal executive board in Västerås, and Elisabeth Unell (M), opposition councillor, meet on Photo: Robert Gustavsson/SVT