The main purpose of the manifestation was to show how important folk high school is as a form of school. Despite the fact that the government is contributing SEK 100 million to folk high schools in the autumn budget, those who manifest believe that the money is not enough for the folk high schools to fulfill their purpose.

Linda-Marie Kollin came to Brunnsvik when it was difficult to find a job during the pandemic. She then decided to start studying and found Brunnsvik after some searching online.

There are several advantages

"Folk high school is perfect for those of us who don't have an education and are a bit tired of school," she says.

Ibrahim Alqasarwe is also studying at Brunnsvik. He believes that it has been better for him to learn Swedish at folk high school than at other types of schools.

"It's difficult to continue with Swedish at other schools. Here it is a little easier, there are fewer tasks and more activities.

Hear more about Tuesday's manifestation in the clip above.