According to the Indian Foreign Ministry, the Canadian High Commissioner to India was summoned on September 19 and informed of the decision of the Indian government "to expel a high-ranking Canadian diplomat based in India."

It is clarified that this decision indicates the growing concern of the Indian government about the interference of Canadian diplomats in the internal affairs of India, as well as their involvement in anti-Indian activities.

Also, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India stated that it considers absurd and motivated accusations by the Canadian authorities of the alleged involvement of the Indian side in the murder of the leader of the Sikh community in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Hardeep Singh Nijar.

"We have seen and reject the statement of the Prime Minister of Canada in Parliament, as well as the statement of the country's Foreign Minister," the Indian ministry said.

According to RIA Novosti, before that, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the country's law enforcement agencies consider the Indian authorities to be involved in the murder of Nijar.

In June, two masked men shot and killed the leader of a Sikh community in a parking lot.

Earlier, the Canadian authorities announced that they were expelling a high-ranking Indian diplomat who is suspected of working for intelligence.