Truck driver and SD politician Mats Fredlund was expelled from Transport when he was elected to Kiruna City Council.

He then sued the union and since then the case has been dealt with in several instances.

"It is a human right to join a trade union. They play with the members' money, said Mats Fredlund after the Court of Appeal's ruling.

Taking the case to the European Court of Human Rights

Fredlund won, but the union, which has lost in all instances and been rejected by the Supreme Court, does not give up and is now taking the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

They still believe that it is not compatible with the union's statutes about the equal value of all people and at the same time work as an active Sweden Democrat.

That is regrettable. We had hoped that our members could decide for themselves who should be part of our association, said Lars Mikaelsson, union secretary in Transport, to SVT on December 8 last year.