Blekinge and the rest of Sweden's folk high schools have recently been forced to make cuts, which SVT Nyheter Blekinge reported on earlier.

On Tuesday, Litorina's teaching had moved into the Amiralen shopping centre in Karlskrona to draw attention to the importance of folk high schools.

"Folkhögskolan has given me a second chance. I don't think it would have happened otherwise," says 21-year-old Rebecca Wetterlund, who is studying general courses at upper secondary level.

"When I came to Sweden from Syria, I didn't speak any Swedish. Litorina was the foundation for me," says 23-year-old Mohammad Albardan, who wants to continue studying IT.

National manifestation

Earlier this year, the government cut back on support for folk high schools, which resulted in 3000,200 students being denied education and <> teachers being laid off.

The initiative in Karlskrona was part of the national manifestation for folk high schools that took place around Sweden, ahead of the government's presentation of its autumn budget on Wednesday.

Jämshögs folkhögskola had also sent representatives to the demonstration in Malmö.