It was Commander-in-Chief General Micael Bydén and the Swedish Armed Forces' Director General Mikael Granholm who participated in a regional unit commanders' meeting with regiments and squadrons in central and northern Sweden.

The tour continues on Wednesday south with Örebro, Halmstad and finally P7 in Skåne.

"I do it to send signals and listen to how things are going. I give a picture so that we have a common situational picture of the situation that affects us internally and what is around, says Bygdén.

Ukraine wants to buy combat vehicles from Hagglunds

The situation picture includes operational activities, capability growth and possible future NATO membership. The war in Ukraine was also a topic that was raised, a situation that Commander-in-Chief Bygdén describes as a world view that is anything but bright.

The war in Ukraine is also part of the situation and Ukrainian media has previously reported that the country wants to buy 1000 of Bae Systems' produced CV90.

Hear Micael Bygdén's angle on it in the clip.