Moscow, 9 Sep (ZXS) -- On 19 September local time, Wang Yi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the CPC Central Committee, co-chaired the 9th round of Sino-Russian strategic security consultations with Patrushev, secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, in Moscow. The two sides had in-depth exchanges of views on deepening strategic cooperation between the two countries, strengthened coordination and enhanced mutual trust.

Wang Yi said that China-Russia relations have withstood the test of changes in the international situation, sustained healthy and stable development, the connotation of strategic cooperation between the two countries has been continuously enriched, and the quality of pragmatic cooperation has been continuously improved. As permanent members of the UN Security Council and responsible major countries, China and Russia work closely together in the international arena to jointly defend true multilateralism, oppose all acts of power bullying, and promote the development of the global governance system in a more fair and reasonable direction.

Wang Yi said that the China-Russia strategic security consultation mechanism, as an important part of the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination between the two countries in the new era, reflects the depth of political mutual trust and the breadth of strategic coordination between China and Russia. Since the establishment of the mechanism, the two sides have maintained close communication and benign interaction, effectively safeguarded common interests, and contributed wisdom to global strategic stability and the resolution of regional hotspot issues. The two sides firmly support each other on issues involving each other's core interests, demonstrating the proper meaning of a comprehensive strategic cooperative partner. We are willing to work with the Russian side to follow the important consensus of the two heads of state, further release the effectiveness of the mechanism, and make greater contributions to safeguarding the national security of the two countries and promoting world peace and stability.

Patrushev said that since the beginning of this year, under the strategic guidance of the two heads of state, Russian-Chinese relations have developed steadily, and pragmatic cooperation has advanced in an orderly manner. The two sides always respect and support each other. In the face of rapid changes in the international security situation and frequent conflicts, Russia and China are not subject to external influence and interference, adhere to independence and self-determination, strengthen strategic coordination, and demonstrate the unique value of comprehensive strategic cooperation partners. Russia firmly supports China's legitimate position on Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong, and opposes Western interference in China's internal affairs. Russia highly appreciates and supports the three major global initiatives put forward by President Xi Jinping, and is willing to jointly promote stability and development in the Asia-Pacific region and the world at large.

The two sides agreed to hold China-Russia strategic stability consultations at an appropriate time to strengthen cooperation in law enforcement security, non-proliferation, and global governance of emerging technologies.

The two sides will also continue to strengthen cooperation under multilateral frameworks such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS mechanism. (End)