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Guest of Europe 1 13H this Tuesday, Lou Pernaut, the daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, returned to the cyberharassment she has suffered for many years on social networks where she is followed by more than 200,000 people. The 20-year-old evokes "unimaginable insults".

She has a rich community on social networks, both on TikTok where she has 1.4 million subscribers, but also on Instagram where 206,000 people follow her account. But Lou Pernaut, daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, is also experimenting with the other side of the coin. A cyberharassment of incredible violence that the young woman of 20 years came to describe this Tuesday at the microphone of Céline Géraud in "Europe 1 13H".

A testimony that is reminiscent of the school bullying experienced daily by some middle and high school students and which even led the young Nicolas, 15 years old, to end his life in Poissy in the Yvelines. In the case of Lou Pernaut, these are "unimaginable insults", "in relation to my weight or my way of speaking".

"It can go fast and very far"

Cyberbullying has even gone a step further for several months. "Since my father died, it's even worse," she said. Jean-Pierre Pernaut, former iconic presenter of the 13H news on TF1, died on March 2, 2022 at the age of 71. "Some would have preferred my father to stay alive rather than me," she said.


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"I'm lucky to have mental strength and to be used to this kind of criticism because, since I was born, I've been immersed in this environment," she adds. A form of protective shell against harassment on which not everyone can rely, says Lou Pernaut. "Young people today don't necessarily have that strength and take criticism at face value," she says. It also highlights a lack of awareness among some young people. "They don't always realize what they're saying and that's why it can go fast and very far."

"Happy that things are finally moving"

Also invited by Céline Géraud on Europe 1, Renaissance MP Antoine Armand unveiled the outlines of a bill to better secure the Internet and fight more effectively against cyberbullying. An initiative welcomed by Lou Pernaut. "I am extremely happy that things are finally moving at the government level. We, on social networks, do our best, but if the government does not follow, it is always complicated to make things happen on a large scale."