Lisa Soster 16:53 p.m., September 19, 2023, modified at 16:55 p.m., September 19, 2023

In France, about 70% of women work in so-called "feminized" occupations, according to a study by the Ministry of Labour. However, more and more women are deciding to break through stereotypes and work in so-called "masculine" jobs. This is the choice Vanessa made when she joined RATP's Network Protection and Security Group. At 28 years old, she is a remarkable asset in her all-male team. She tells her passion at the microphone of Olivier Delacroix in this episode of the podcast "Dans les yeux d'Olivier" produced by Europe 1 Studio.


"Firefighter or truck driver for example: more and more women choose to exercise so-called "men's" jobs, Vanessa has chosen for her part to be a security guard at night at the RATP. A risky job that she exercises with an all-male team. This situation pushed her to redouble her efforts: "I am a woman in a man's world, I have to show that I hold the road," Vanessa confides to Olivier Delacroix in this episode of the podcast "Dans les yeux d'Olivier" produced by Europe 1 Studio.

However, the presence of women in these professions conducive to conflict proves to be an important asset: "Being a woman, it softens, it temporizes certain situations, it soothes," she says. For her male colleagues, having a woman on the team is also valuable to their practice: "It's an asset," adds Sylvain, Vanessa's partner. "She has a lot of self-control. It's impressive. For us, it's a big support," he told Olivier Delacroix.

At night on public transport, security guards are regularly confronted with insults and threats. Their objective is to protect passengers but also RATP staff. Sylvain confides: "I do not protect her any more than my male comrades (...). Often, she is the one who has to protect me." For Vanessa, this job is a vocation that she exercises brilliantly: "It's what I like to do, take risks, it's what looks like me," she reports very confidently, in this episode of the podcast "In Olivier's eyes".

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