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September 16 will be a date that will be marked in the memory of Kiko Hernández forever. This Saturday she said "I do" with her boyfriend, Fran Antón, after more than two years of secret relationship. Family and friends of the already married couple traveled to Melilla to witness in situ the engagement, which was celebrated under the watchful eyes of more than 350 guests, in the Golden Hall of the City Council of Melilla.

Well-known faces such as Lara Dibildos or colleagues such as Lydia Lozano, Chelo García Cortés, Marta López or Kiko Matamoros, among others, wanted to be next to the happy couple. However, two absences were also sounded, which set the tone for the celebration. Belén Esteban could not attend because she had to travel to the other loop of the pond, specifically she traveled to Chicago, United States, to attend a very special appointment: the concert of Karol G.

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Nor was part of this day one of the great friends of Kiko Hernández, Jorge Javier Vázquez, who, precisely, has just rejoined television with the program Chinese Tales after his medical leave. Through a letter published in Readings, the presenter is honest about the collaborator's link. "Kiko is married and I haven't been to his wedding. In fact, I haven't spoken to him since he told Sálvame that he is with Fran Antón and that he has always been gay. I was on medical leave the afternoon he climbed the pulpillo to share with the audience his sexual orientation, "he begins explaining.

In this letter, Jorge is sincere and confesses that, despite the great friendship that has always united him with Kiko, he feels "disenchanted". "I didn't get excited or anything. I felt that he was telling me one of his bombs, but, in addition, of limited scope. I was disappointed. Maybe sadness too," he says, openly. "What a shit like a piano Kiko and I have had a relationship so that at no time in twenty years has he found the opportunity to open up to me," he continues, although he also recognizes that, probably, this episode of their lives remains in an "anecdote".

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Although neither Jorge Javier Vázquez nor Belén Esteban were part of the day that has marked the life of their friend, the link was full of emotion, tears and a party in style. The emotional ceremony began after two in the afternoon, with more than half an hour of delay, enlivened by a pianist and the voice of María Mendoza, La niña de los lunares and Ángela Fernández. First Kiko arrived, on his mother's arm, with the song Como yo te amo by Rocío Jurado as a soundtrack. Minutes later Fran arrived on the arm of Ángeles, his mother. With glassy eyes, the actor advanced towards his man to melt into a warm embrace.

The delegate of the Government of the Autonomous City of Melilla, Sabrina Moh, received the couple with a heartfelt speech about their love story and a tribute to their friends, Mila Ximénez and Begoña, owner of Las Vegas bingo. Then came the party, the dances and the big cocktail. In addition, the details were meticulously taken care of. All the guests wore a white bracelet with the phrase: "If I were born again, it would be you." Once at dawn, more than 300 pizzas arrived to put the finishing touch to a wedding in which Kiko Hernández and Fran Antón celebrated their love in style.

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