Seven people have been shot dead in ten days, in Stockholm and Uppsala. Several of the violent acts are suspected to be the result of a split in some of the top echelons of the Foxtrot network.

Fatal shootings in Stockholm:

• September 11 Haninge: A 13-year-old boy is found shot in a forest in Handen in Haninge. He was reported missing. The police do not suspect any links to the Foxtrot network, according to SVT's information, but are investigating links to other criminal networks.

• 12 September Sollentuna: Man in his 20s shot dead in Helenelund in Sollentuna.

September 13 City: A 19-year-old man is shot on an open street in Vasastan in central Stockholm. He is said to have family ties to people involved in Gävle's gang war in 2020, according to information to SVT.

September 14 Västertorp: A boy in his late teens is murdered in Västertorp in southern Stockholm. He was a resident of Enköping and, according to SVT's information, can be linked to Rawa Majid.

September 16 Vällingby:A man in his 40s dies after being shot in Råcksta, western Stockholm.

Hear the Stockholm police about how they view the situation and the fact that no one has yet been arrested for the fatal shootings in Stockholm County in the video above.