The dead wild boars were found over the weekend in the extensive zone with restrictions established in an area around Fagersta in Västmanland.

"There are five kilometres between the infected wild boars that have been found furthest apart," says Karl Ståhl, state epizootologist at SVA.

Around 400 hunters participated

Over the weekend, around 400 hunters took part in the search for dead wild boars within the restricted area. The search then also covered the area outside the so-called core area where the 20 first infected wild boars were found.

So far, a total of 41 dead wild boars found in the area have been tested.

"In ten days, I estimate that we will have searched the entire area. But then we need to start all over again," says Karl Ståhl.

The article will be updated on weekdays shortly after 16.30 p.m. in connection with a press conference by the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the National Veterinary Institute (SVA) and the Head of Operations at the Operations Control Centre. It provides the latest information about the outbreak.

The plan: Large search and electric fence – how to stop swine fever in Fagersta

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"Then there will be no pang pang" – hear Lars Björk, Hunters' Association Västmanland, about the plan to stop swine fever in Fagersta. Photo: Hyppenbennings hunting team and Audrey Erath/SVT