It is in an interview with Radio Liberty Ukraine that the military crew lists the advantages of Swedish combat vehicle 90, or CV90 as it is also called.

– It is equipped with a good thermal camera, night vision and rangefinder. At two kilometers, the crew can hit targets around the clock, "says Oleksandr.

Camouflaged from drones

In February, the Swedish support was presented in Boden and since then 50 vehicles have been sent to Ukraine.

Soldiers have since been trained on site in Sweden and Oleksandr, an experienced Ukrainian officer, can talk at length about the armoured car.

"The commander has an all-round view both day and night. In addition, there is a camouflage net that makes it not visible to enemy thermal cameras and drones, he says.

Zelenskyy: "Are grateful"

It is the high safety and armor of the vehicle that is highly valued by the Ukrainian military. It saves the lives of the crew and plays a key role in breaking through the defense line of the Russian occupying troops.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has also praised the vehicle.

"Our soldiers are grateful, not only for moving forward with the CV90, but for also helping to save lives," he said during a press conference with Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson in August.

In the clip: Hear Ukrainian servicemen talk about how important the CV90 is on the battlefield.