With only three fingers on each hand and elongated heads, the mummified bodies on display in the Mexican Congress are reminiscent of something taken from a sci-fi movie. UFO researcher Jaime Maussan was on site and said the findings could be evidence of life beyond Earth. But he's been wrong before.

A few years ago, he said the same thing about five other small bodies that he had found bone remains of, and it turned out that he was completely wrong. It was simply a fetus," says Clas Svahn.

Mexico stands out as a country with a widespread and open discussion about possible UFOs on Earth.

NASA gathers expert group

Meanwhile, NASA held a press conference in the United States on Thursday where it presented the results of a new UFO investigation. Hundreds of sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs or UAPs as they are also called) have been analyzed.

The investigation has been ongoing for over a year. NASA chief Bill Nelson said the study was tasked with both finding out how NASA can use its expertise and instruments to investigate UAPs from a scientific perspective and moving the debate about UAPs from a sensation-seeking one to a scientific one.

Prompts pilots to report

The report concludes that most of the sightings can be explained, but that a handful have still not been directly identified as man-made or natural phenomena. In the report, NASA writes that there is no reason to conclude that these UAPs are of extraterrestrial descent. At the same time, however, it says that this possibility cannot be ruled out either.

The work will continue and pilots are encouraged to report sightings. The panel that presented the report explained, among other things, that they want to remove the stigma surrounding UFO sightings and make it easier for commercial and military pilots to report their testimonies.