A split in the criminal network Foxtrot has led to several acts of violence both in Sweden and in Turkey. The murder of the 60-year-old woman who was shot dead in Gränby in Uppsala was, according to information, a response to a shooting in the Maslak district of Istanbul. The incident was captured on surveillance footage, which Crime Scene Stockholm was the first to publish on social media.

The clip shows two people arriving at the scene on a moped. According to the Turkish police report, one of the people on the moped fires shots at five Swedish citizens, who in turn fire back. SVT News has been able to verify the location where the clip was filmed.

The address is linked to Rawa Majid and his allies, according to information to SVT. The five Swedish people at the scene have now been arrested by Turkish police.

SVT News has visited the place where the shooting took place – see more in the clip above.

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How did the gang war in Uppsala start, with Rawa Majud, also called the Kurdish Fox in the lead? See the 60-second summary.