The hunt for a perpetrator is ongoing right now, and according to Aftonbladet, a police helicopter has been deployed. It was at 21.15 pm on Wednesday that the police were alerted to the incident.

"I just parked the car and saw people running. I asked a woman what happened and she said that everyone is running for a man who had been shot, says a witness to Aftonbladet.

Witnesses ran from the scene

According to police, several witnesses heard gunshots and ran from the scene.

– There are plenty of witnesses at the scene and it is fortunate that no one else has been injured, says Daniel Wikdahl.

The man's injury status is unknown.

"He was alive when he left the scene, but I can't say if he was conscious," Daniel Wikdahl told TT.

The police also tell TT that they have not been able to arrest any perpetrator, but that the starting point is good because there have been many witnesses.

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