September 9-11 is National Cybersecurity Awareness Week. As an important part of Cyber Security Awareness Week, the 17 Cyber Security Expo is now being held in Fuzhou. The reporter noted that how to better develop the artificial intelligence industry has attracted attention. Whether it is the hot topics discussed by experts at the main forum of Cyber Security Week, or the products and applications that are being used or developed at the Cyber Security Expo, they all reflect the important position occupied by artificial intelligence in the current Internet field. How will it develop in the future?

This software application can self-integrate data, self-research and analysis functions, and it has the ability of threat intelligence analysis and automatic security orchestration response.

Exhibitor staff Wang Xin: It is equivalent to training and entering our various safety knowledge data into our platform. After the platform masters this knowledge data, it will reason and analyze the specific user's questions, and summarize to form relevant answers.

At the Cyber Security Expo, there is also an AI security detection and defense platform with capabilities such as automatically detecting face-changing videos and identifying fake picture text. Known as "virtual security experts", security robots that can work around the clock. Intelligent defense solutions with "all-intelligent threat analysis and all-cloud-network-edge-end collaboration" capabilities. There is undoubtedly a powerful artificial intelligence system behind these products.

Li Xueying, member of the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee: Artificial intelligence is mainly divided into two types of models, one is the discriminant mode and the other is the generative mode. The difference between the two, as far as discriminative is like a child who has just learned to speak, what you teach it, it can only say, so it can only complete specific tasks. And now the new generative artificial intelligence has just emerged, which is like a growing child who has learned to speak. It can have its own understanding, it will have corresponding creativity, so it can solve more problems.

Experts said that in the future, the development of artificial intelligence will become the main direction of Internet applications.

Member of Computer Security Professional Committee of China Computer Society Degree: Generative artificial intelligence will definitely become a future development trend, because it combines all the experience and knowledge of human beings, and then generalizes it, and it also has the ability to reason, so this can basically reach the level of junior experts in all industries I see, and may later become senior experts. In this way, the overall work efficiency of everyone can be improved, so that humans can play to their strengths in imagination and creativity. (CCTV News Client)