Flooding caused by heavy rains has devastated Libya, North Africa, and Middle Eastern media have reported that more than 2000,1 people have died so far. International aid groups have expressed the view that nearly <>,<> people are missing, and there are concerns that the damage will spread.

In Derna, in eastern Libya, North Africa, heavy rains that began falling a few days ago caused flooding on the 11th, causing major damage such as washing away buildings in residential areas.

Middle Eastern media have quoted officials who govern eastern Libya as saying that more than 2000,12 people have died so far.

Floods occurred at night and the dam burst, causing more damage, and damage was also caused in surrounding cities.

Mr. Ramadan, the local director of IFRC = International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, an international support group, attended a UN press conference online on the 4th and expressed the view that nearly 1,<> people in Derna and four surrounding cities are missing.

On top of that, the death toll could be in the thousands.

Ramadan appealed to the international community for assistance, saying, "I want you to deliver all possible support for rescue operations on the ground."

In Libya, political forces are divided between East and West, and each has appointed a prime minister, and there are concerns that this confusion may hinder the understanding of the damage and the acceptance of rescue operations and relief supplies, and the damage will spread.