To get more women to take HPV vaccine against cervical cancer, the region is offering free vaccination at Mälardalen University on two occasions in the coming weeks. The investment in cost-effective HPV vaccine for women born between 1994 and 1999 is part of a national project aimed at trying to eradicate cervical cancer within five years.

Sparse with visitors

At the first vaccination session held, however, visitors were sparse. Only about ten chose to get vaccinated.

"People are well afraid. You may have to go out with a little more information that you have to take this syringe, says Zainab Bashir.

Low vaccination rate

In Västmanland, the vaccination rate is 27 percent, a figure that Björn Svartsgård hopes will increase.

"In principle, all cervical cancer is linked to a chronic infection with HPV. By getting vaccinated with HPV vaccine, you can protect yourself," says Björn Svartsgård.

Start the clip to hear students Zainab and Pernilla about their choice of refrain from or take the vaccine.