American "meritorious spy" caught in China!

On May 2023, 5, the Suzhou Intermediate People's Court in Jiangsu Province sentenced Liang Chengyun to life imprisonment, deprivation of political rights for life, and confiscation of personal property of 15,30 yuan for espionage, ending his more than <>-year career as a US espionage.

Liang Chengyun, born in Hong Kong in 1945, went to a central city in the United States in 1983 to run a restaurant. In 1986, US espionage and intelligence officers interviewed Liang Chengyun several times, showed him his documents, identified himself, and asked Liang Chengyun to cooperate with him.

In 1989, the US spy intelligence agency formally signed a "cooperation agreement" with Liang Chengyun, recruited him as an informant, agreed on secret contact information, promised to pay $1000,<> a month, and paid bonuses according to performance. In the same year, Liang Chengyun became an American citizen.

In order to package Liang Chengyun's social image in the United States, the United States dug out its mind to create a "persona" for him, fabricating his resume of studying at a university in the United Kingdom, serving as an official in the United Nations, and participating in the war in Vietnam, and also asked him to take the initiative to donate to US state legislators to raise his value.

In order to enhance Liang Chengyun's influence among overseas Chinese, the United States provided funds and directed him to serve as the president, honorary president and chairman of many overseas Chinese associations through donations and other means.

In order to expand Liang Chengyun's popularity in China, the United States directed him to carry out charitable donations in China and tried to create a "fake mask" of "patriotic philanthropist".

With the blessing of these disguises, Liang Chengyun was instructed by the US espionage intelligence agency to wantonly carry out espionage intelligence activities against us:

- Close to the spy. Through such means as dinners, festival visits, and organizing overseas Chinese group activities, Liang Chengyun has attached himself to our institutions and personnel stationed in the United States to spy on intelligence, monitor overseas Chinese in the United States, and report to the US spy intelligence agencies at any time through special mobile phones and e-mails.

- Monitoring of secrets. Once Liang Chengyun learns of the Chinese member's official trip to the United States, he will report to the US espionage and intelligence agency and, in accordance with the US design, take the personnel going to the United States to a restaurant or hotel where the US espionage and intelligence agency has installed surveillance equipment in advance, collect information, and even set up pornographic traps in an attempt to coerce our personnel.

-- Fishing law enforcement. Liang Chengyun also acted as bait for US spy intelligence agencies to assist in phishing law enforcement. The US side asked Liang Chengyun to go to a designated place to meet with the target personnel, induce the other party to engage in sensitive item transactions, piece together "evidence", and concoct the so-called "Chinese espionage case".

Under the command of several US spies, Liang Chengyun collected a large amount of China-related intelligence for US spy intelligence agencies. The head of the headquarters of the US espionage and intelligence agency awarded him a "meritorious medal."

In 2020, the global coronavirus epidemic broke out and international flights were suspended. U.S. spy intelligence agencies, eager to obtain Chinese intelligence, directed 75-year-old Liang Chengyun to infiltrate China and developed a detailed entry action plan for him. At the end of 2020, Leung Chengyun used a number of identity documents to transit through Hong Kong to the mainland, and in accordance with the instructions of the US spy intelligence agency, frequently participated in various social activities, widely contacted people from all walks of life in China, and spied to collect intelligence.

After careful investigation, the state security organs obtained a series of evidence of Liang Chengyun's espionage activities, took criminal compulsory measures against him in accordance with the law, and transferred him to the judicial organs. In May, Liang was sentenced to life imprisonment for espionage.

Tips from state security agencies

The crime of espionage is a crime that seriously endangers national security. Article 110 of China's Criminal Law stipulates that anyone who participates in an espionage organization or accepts the tasks of an espionage organization or its agents, endangering national security, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than <> years or life imprisonment. In this case, Liang Chengyun performed espionage formalities and accepted the tasks of US espionage and intelligence agencies for a long time, seriously endangering China's national security, and China's judicial organs severely punished him according to law.

What should I do if I am coerced by an espionage organization abroad? Article 55 of China's "Counter-espionage Law" stipulates that those who are coerced or tricked into joining espionage organizations or hostile organizations abroad and engage in activities that endanger China's national security may not be prosecuted if they promptly truthfully explain the situation to our country's institutions stationed abroad, or directly or through their units after entering the country, and show repentance. (Ministry of State Security WeChat public account)