The police accidentally handed over two stolen bicycle wheels to the suspect. Now you have to pay damages to the man who got rid of them.

The theft took place in July outside Olympia in Helsingborg. Witnesses saw how a person stole the wheels and rode away with them in his arms. The 22-year-old man from Helsingborg who had been robbed reported the incident to the police and was told by the witness that the police stopped the thief and confiscated the wheels.

The wheels were left to the thief

When his parents tried to pick up the wheels two days later, they were told that they could not because there was an ongoing investigation into receiving stolen goods. Shortly thereafter, the suspected perpetrator was given the wheels for lack of evidence.

No one had indicated that the wheels were the 22-year-old's or linked his report to the receiving investigation.

– You get frustrated, says the 22-year-old when SVT Nyheter Helsingborg talks to him.

"Trusting the police to do their job, you don't do that anymore.

The police have admitted that they have done wrong and are paying SEK 3,600 in damages to the 22-year-old.