When Maria Rönnkvist was out for a walk with her dog Bentley about a month ago, they went up to Aptastoppen outside Kiruna.

But Bentley went into the woods and Maria didn't make it. For 26 days she has been desperately looking everywhere.

Many people got involved in the search and finally a week ago she received a call and a photo of a woman who had found Bentley.

"I just crashed," says Maria Rönnkvist.

Bentley is doing well under the circumstances, a bit stumped and so he has lost a few pounds.

"May eat black pudding for a month"

Maria, who only wanted to spoil him, has had to hold back with food so that he can recover. But during the last vet visit, most things looked good.

"But the red blood cells were a bit on the low side. Then the vet said that it is good if he eats black pudding. So now he gets to eat black pudding for a month, so there's no need for him.