"Today we have the second day of voting, all polling stations have opened normally, there are no violations. At night, Muscovites continued to vote, and after the polling stations closed, about 178,<> citizens voted electronically," the Moscow City News Agency quoted her as saying.

She noted that the voting continues normally.

In the elections of the mayor of Moscow, which take place from 8 to 10 September, four voting methods are available: online, using electronic terminals, in the traditional way and at home.

You can vote online until 19:59 on September 10 at the link. To do this, you must have a full account on the mos.ru. You can cast your vote from a mobile device, tablet or computer connected to the Internet. At the same time, online voting is also available to voters who are on vacation in Russia or in the country.

Muscovites will also be able to vote at polling stations on September 9 and 10 by receiving a paper ballot or using electronic voting terminals. At the same time, for citizens who will not be able to visit the polling station for health reasons, a portable version of the terminal is provided, which members of the election commission deliver to the voter's home.