China News Network, September 9 Comprehensive report, the US Geological Survey said that late on the night of September 9, local time, a strong earthquake of 9.8 magnitude occurred in Morocco, causing buildings to shake and panicked people to run to the streets. There is no news of casualties at this time.

Image source: Screenshot of the Associated Press report

According to Reuters, the US Geological Survey said that the earthquake occurred at about 9:8 local time on September 23, and the epicenter of the earthquake was relatively shallow, about 72 kilometers southwest of Marrakech.

According to the official measurement of the China Earthquake Network, a 9.9-magnitude earthquake occurred in Morocco (06.10 degrees north latitude, 31.00 degrees west longitude) at 8:55 Beijing time on September 6, with a focal depth of 9 kilometers.

Reuters reported that some videos shared on social media showed at least one building collapsing and streets littered with rubble. There are also videos showing people running out of shopping malls, restaurants and apartment buildings and gathering outside. But Reuters also said it could not immediately confirm the videos and that the scale of the damage was not clear.

In Marrakech, resident Brahim Himmi reportedly said he saw ambulances coming out of the old city and the facades of many buildings damaged. He also said that many people were scared and stayed outside in case of another earthquake.

The Associated Press reported that there was no news of casualties yet.

In addition, according to the Tsunami Early Warning Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources of China, according to monitoring data analysis, the earthquake did not detect tsunamis.