The prosecutor had requested that he be remanded in custody to avoid him removing evidence or otherwise obstructing the investigation. The district court agreed with the prosecutor and also decided that the 17-year-old should be detained with restrictions.

After a Quran burning

The riots on Sunday evening and the night of Monday took place after a Koran burning at Värnhemstorget in Malmö. At Rosengård, cars were set on fire, a garage was set on fire and stones were thrown at the police.

The 17-year-old was the first person arrested by police. The arrest took place on Tuesday afternoon and he was later arrested on suspicion of probable cause for violent rioting. The arrest petition also includes the crime headings of blue light sabotage and arson.

Previously convicted of threats

The 17-year-old was previously sentenced to community service for aggravated unlawful threats in a town in Småland in 2021.

He is registered in a district of Malmö, which is not Rosengård.