Russia announced the downing of more Ukrainian drones and denied information provided by Kiev about material gains in the so-called counterattack, while Britain decided to classify Wagner as a terrorist organization, according to media reports.

Russia's defence ministry said its air defense systems destroyed a drone launched by Ukraine just before midnight on Tuesday over the Bryansk region bordering Ukraine.

In its Telegram statement, the ministry did not say whether there had been human or material losses.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had destroyed a Ukrainian drone in the airspace of Crimea, and its air defenses shot down 3 other drones in the Istra region of Moscow and the Kaluga region on Tuesday morning, stressing that they were targeting the capital, Moscow.

The ministry reported – via the Telegram application – that it destroyed a march that was flying over the Kaluga region, over the Istra region closest to Moscow, while the second was destroyed northwest of the capital over the Estrinsky region, and the third was destroyed over the Tver region (northwest of Moscow).

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said via Telegram that there were no casualties according to preliminary information, adding that air defense forces destroyed drones that were trying to launch an attack on Moscow.

Moscow has been repeatedly hit by Ukrainian drone attacks in recent weeks, according to Russian authorities, disrupting flights to and from Moscow.

In another attack, a civilian was killed on Tuesday and a woman was wounded by shrapnel in shelling attributed to Ukrainian forces targeting a Russian village bordering Ukraine, the governor of the southern Belgorod region said.

Wagner members return to their base (Anatolia)

Field situation

On the ground, the Ukrainian army said it had made progress on the axis of the town of Novoprokopievka towards Melitopol (south), adding that it repelled a Russian attack on the Lehman axis.

The Ukrainian army said that Russian forces launched an attack described as a failure in the Novoyhorivka and Belogorevka provinces of the Lugansk region, stressing that it was able to repel attacks on the Pakhmut axis and the Marinka axis in Donetsk.

Russia's defense minister said on Tuesday that Ukraine's counteroffensive was "completely unsuccessful," but said the situation was raging in part of Moscow-controlled Zaporizhia region in the south of the country.

The Defense Ministry quoted Shoigu as saying that "the Ukrainian armed forces have not achieved their goals on any front," noting at the same time that "the most heated situation is on the Zaporizhia front."

"The enemy has engaged battalions from its strategic reserve, whose members have been trained by Western trainers," he said.

Violent and destructive

According to media reports, the British Home Office is in the process of banning the private Wagner Group and classifying it as a terrorist organization.

According to these reports, Britain will treat Wagner on an equal footing with Islamic State.

Interior Minister Suela Braverman said Wagner was a violent and destructive organization that operated around the world as a military tool for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the Terrorism Act 2000, the Minister of the Interior has the power to ban any organization believed to be involved in terrorist activities.

The Daily Mail quoted the interior minister as saying that Wagner was involved in looting, torture and brutal murder.

Wagner's operations in Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa pose a threat to global security.

A draft of the Wagner ban is due to be presented to the British parliament later on Wednesday.

Britain sanctioned 11 people and companies with links to the Wagner Group in Africa, accusing the group at the time of crimes including murder and torture.