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5G routers make it possible to share an internet connection obtained via the 5th generation telephone network. Whether as part of a trip, or to connect to the internet from a home far from everything. But which 5G router to choose? We have tested the best products on the market to meet your needs. Read this guide to make sure you don't go wrong.


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Are you going on holiday or on a business trip? Do you live in the countryside or in the mountains, in a place that does not have access to fiber or ADSL? A 5G router, also called "mobile hotspot", is the solution to enjoy a high-speed Internet connection anytime and anywhere. But concretely, a 5G router, what does it look like? These products come in the form of a small box in which a SIM card is inserted and which uses 5G (or 4G when the network does not allow it) to connect to the Internet. They will turn it into a Wi-Fi network that you can share with your loved ones or colleagues. So why invest in a 5G router when your smartphone also allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot? The performance of 5G routers is simply better, especially if the whole family connects to them! There are two main families of 5G routers, the "nomads" that you can take everywhere and the "fixed" designed to replace the lack of ADSL or fiber optics. Discover now our selection of the most efficient models.


  • NETGEAR Nighthawk M6 Pro (MR6450), the ultimate 5G router
  • TP-Link AX5 6 Mesh 3000G WiFi Router for Rugged Wi-Fi
  • The NETGEAR Nighthawk M5 5G router, for the pros!
  • HUAWEI H5-112 370G router, plus design
  • ZTE Wireless Router MU5 5001G Router, the best value for money

Which 5G router to choose?

NETGEAR Nighthawk M6 Pro (MR6450), the ultimate 5G router

This pretty little black case of 105 x 105 x 21.5 mm for 256 g is a real concentrate of nomadic technology. An elegant object that, in the hand, is very robust with an exemplary quality of manufacture. The 2.8-inch screen gives full access to all features, no need to go through an app. The whole is quite responsive and especially the interface is of a rare clarity. The product has a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port to connect it to the wired network of a hotel or office. A feature even allows you to switch from wired network to 5G automatically depending on the quality of the connection or to minimize the consumption of your data plan. It supports all 5G frequencies and, in our tests, it offered 10-20% better reception quality than its high-end competitors. It also offers Wi-Fi 6E, which allows up to 32 connections simultaneously with a quality speed. If you feel the need, it is even possible to prioritize a particular device. A high-end product for simply stunning services... Note that it exists in M6 version, less expensive than 200 euros and which offers similar performance, but a bit less throughput and an Ethernet port of 1Gbps.


TP-Link AX5 6 Mesh 3000G WiFi Router for Rugged Wi-Fi

Designed for the home, this TP-Link 5G router is part of the aptly named Deco range. This explains a very inspired design, combining curves and sharp edges successfully. A device that is space-saving (210.5 x 130 x 123 mm) and aesthetic enough to fit easily into many interiors. Its back displays connectors for additional antennas if you need to boost reception and especially we have two Ethernet ports of 1 Gb/s and a third at 2.5 Gb/s. We are in front of a fixed product and the quality of 5G reception varies greatly depending on the thickness of the walls in addition to the position of the nearest relay antenna. But the quality of Wi-Fi is excellent and know that TP-Link integrates Mesh technology. Thus, if you install Wi-Fi or 5G repeaters of the same brand, you will get a mesh network and your products always connect to the link in the chain offering the best quality. Finally, the set is set by a very clear app, which also offers parental control, supplemented by other security tools.


The 5G NETGEAR Nighthawk M5 return, for the pros!

The predecessor of the M6 is still relevant. Here we find the sleek and minimalist design of this family of products with measurements of 105 mm x 105 mm x 21.5 mm. Ultra nomadic, its 2.4-inch screen is quality and offers a successful interface but not as effective as that of the M6 Pro, so we advise you to use the web interface. The quality of 5G reception is excellent, with a maximum of 2.1 Gbps and a very efficient Wi-Fi 6. The Ethernet port present is 1 Gbps and just to its left you have a connector for an additional antenna. It also runs on battery power and has a battery life of just over 11 hours, compared to almost 13 hours for the M6 Pro. Nevertheless, it remains in the upper average. An alternative to the M6 Pro for those who are looking for the best level of quality, but do not need the highest performance on a daily basis.


HUAWEI H5-112 370G router, plus design

This pretty little object of 99 mm x 107 mm x 215 mm is a rather attractive home 5G router with its white dress and worked lines. It embeds a 5G Balong 5000 chipset that allows to obtain speeds of up to 2.3 Gb/s. However, it is not the most efficient of this guide with regard to 5 G capture. It is really sensitive to the environment and adding additional antennas will not be a luxury if you live in the old for example. It also offers Wi-Fi 6 which gives good results, but again we realized that it deploys all its capabilities in homes with walls not too thick. The configuration goes through the Huawei SmartHome APP application which offers a fairly clear design and above all allows access to a host of features. A product for the home that displays a good quality/price ratio.


ZTE Wireless Router MU5 5001G Router, the best value for money

If Netgear's mobile 5G routers exceed your budget, then this ZTE Wireless Router MU5001 model offers a serious alternative. Thus, it displays a rectangular design with measurements of 133 x 73 x 185 mm for 200 grams. It offers maximum speeds of 1.8 Gb/s which will be enough for many users. The 2.4-inch screen is very readable, touch too, but this will be limited to the basic functions. For a more advanced configuration, it will be necessary to go through the application or the web interface. The Wi-Fi is of good quality, very stable even if it is not the one that offers the highest speed of this guide. Add the presence of a 1Gbps Ethernet port and we have a complete product. It has an autonomy of about 7 to 8 hours and proves to be a faithful and above all accessible companion.


How to choose your 5G router?

If all smartphones today offer internet connection sharing, this is especially convenient for occasional use. For regular use, a real 5G router will be much more efficient! In addition to avoiding too much weakening of your phone's battery, a dedicated router usually offers higher speeds and a much more stable connection quality. If you live in an area poorly covered by the 5G or 4G network, some mobile hotspots can be equipped with external antennas for increased reception quality and therefore better internet speed. If the area you are in is not covered by 5G but only 4G, 5G routers can exploit previous generations of mobile network.

How to choose your 5G plan?

First of all, we recommend that you opt for a non-binding package. Depending on your travel and your budget, you will be able to switch from one offer to another easily. Another tip: before travelling, do not hesitate to consult the maps proposed by Arcep. They give you a good idea of the network coverage by telephone operator and to opt for the one that will offer the best performance in a given location. If you plan to use your 5G router as your primary connection in a home, for example, some operators offer dedicated subscriptions. However, they often impose a fixed 5G router and you have to buy or rent it in addition. In addition, they are not always more interesting than traditional 5G data offers. Finally, if you travel abroad, the question of roaming arises. If you stay in the European Union, the easiest way is to use the roaming envelope offered by your operator. Be careful, it will only be enough for a short stay. Outside the EU, unless a subscription provides for it, avoid roaming at the risk of ending up with a huge bill. In the majority of cases, in the EU as part of a long trip or outside the EU, the most interesting is often to invest in a local prepaid offer. Inquire before your departure and you can even in some cases have the SIM card delivered to your resort.

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