On Monday (September 2023, 25), Google celebrated its 3th anniversary, and the Google search engine deals with more than 5.92 billion searches per day, and has <>% of the global market share for search engines, which made it the most visited site in the world.

The world's most popular search engine began as a research project for Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were PhD students at Stanford University in the late nineties; by working from their rooms, the two developed a new search engine algorithm that ranked websites based on the number of other websites associated with them, which they called "page rank."

In his report to Al Jazeera English, writer Mohammed Hussein reviewed the most common search words in Google over the years, and pointed out that experiments have proven that Google's algorithm is much more effective than the algorithms that existed when it was launched.

Most popular search engines (Al Jazeera)

The name "Google" is derived from the mathematical term "Google", which refers to the number 1 followed by 100 zeros, and the choice of this name reflects the founders' intention to organize large amounts of information; over the years, the Google search engine has become an integral part of our daily lives, and has shaped the way we search, communicate and interact with information online.

In 2006, the Oxford Dictionary added the word "Google" as a verb to refer to searching for information on the Internet, regardless of the search engine used.

That same year, Google launched Google Trends, an online platform that provides a window into the trillions of searches the world conducts on Google each year. At the end of each year, the company releases its "Year of Search" report, which summarizes the biggest events, personalities and trends that captured the world's attention that year.

Al Jazeera compiled all these reports and illustrates the top 5 global search terms from 2003 to 2022 in the context of the following infographic:

Most searched words on Google around the world (Al Jazeera)

What are the most searched categories?

To get a better picture of the categories that fit these 100 search terms, Al Jazeera has grouped them into 6 categories:

Person, Celebrity, Politician (38 appearances), Technological products (27), Sports event (15), Disasters and accidents (8), Movie, TV show, song (7), Other (5).

Most Popular Search Categories (Al Jazeera)

According to the author, the most searched category was the category of people, celebrities or politicians with 38% of the total appearances, and among these results are Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth II.

Tech products appeared in second place with 27 impressions, and included MySpace, Facebook, Apple's iPhone, Pokemon Go and Zoom.

After that, there were sporting events that saw 15 appearances, including several FIFA World Cups, the NBA and more than a bunch of big cricket matches. Natural disasters and accidents have also occurred eight times, including Cyclone Katrina, the 8 tsunami, Ebola, Malaysia Airlines Flight 2005 and COVID-370.

Movies, TV shows and songs received 7 impressions, including Harry Potter, Matrix, Black Panther, American Idol and Gangam Style. Other top searches included the Ice Bucket Challenge, Paris, election results, Wordle, and Ukraine.