"China is willing to work with all parties in other countries to promote inclusive development with service opening-up, promote linkage and integration through service cooperation, cultivate development momentum with service innovation, create a better future with service sharing, and work together to push the world economy onto the track of sustained recovery."

On September 9, President Xi Jinping delivered a video speech to the 2 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) Global Summit on Trade in Services in Beijing, declaring to the world China's responsibility and proposition for promoting the openness and sharing of the service economy and promoting the recovery and development of the world economy.

As the largest comprehensive exhibition in the field of global trade in services, more than 2023,2400 enterprises will participate offline in 500. Among them, there are more than 500 of the world's top 59 and industry leading enterprises, 24 countries and 12 international organizations have set up exhibitions, the total number of which is 20 more than the previous session, and the overall internationalization rate exceeds <>%.

At a time when the international situation is intensifying and the world economic recovery is weak, why does CIFTIS have such a large magnetic field, which can make many enterprises flock to it?

The answer can be found from a series of important measures announced by President Xi Jinping at the CIFTIS to deepen China's high-level opening up in the service sector——

Since 2019, President Xi Jinping has sent two congratulatory letters to CIFTIS and delivered video speeches at the CIFTIS Global Trade in Services Summit three times, and China's proposition of expanding high-level opening up has been consistent.

In his speech this year, President Xi Jinping stressed that China will persist in promoting high-level opening up, comprehensively promoting Chinese-style modernization with high-quality development, and providing new opportunities for opening up and cooperation among countries.

CIFTIS is a platform that allows countries to share new development opportunities in openness and cooperation, and work together to promote world economic recovery and growth, fully reflecting the far-reaching significance of "global services and mutual benefit sharing" as a permanent slogan.

△2023 CIFTIS Shougang Park

In recent years, accelerated innovation in technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence has accelerated the pace of digital transformation of trade in services.

The World Trade Organization predicts that by 2030, digital technologies will boost global trade by 1.8 to 2 percentage points per year.

In his speech, President Xi Jinping deeply grasped the situation of world economic development and deeply analyzed the new trend of global service trade and service industry cooperation: "The process of digitalization, intelligence and greening is accelerating, and new technologies, new formats and new models are emerging one after another, which has injected strong impetus into promoting economic globalization, restoring global economic vitality and enhancing the resilience of world economic development." ”

Digitalization, intelligence and greening are the prominent features of CIFTIS in recent years. This year's CIFTIS will further highlight the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, model innovation and format innovation.

△In the special exhibition area of education services in Shougang Park of the 2023 CIFTIS, children are experiencing intelligent hardware programming works.

The CIFTIS Digital RMB Trend Market introduces many consumer experience scenarios such as time-honored brands, cultural tourism, agricultural products, and live shopping. In the game interactive area, the market designed a variety of fun interactive mini-games for the audience. Visitors can take photos with the beautifully designed gallery, upload photos and pay with digital yuan, and personalize bottled drinking water. All these have greatly enhanced the interactivity and experience of digital RMB payment.

In 2022, China's digitally delivered service import and export volume will reach 2.51 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.8%, ranking fifth in the world, and the scale will hit a record high.

△The single-port laparoscopic surgical robot exhibited in the comprehensive exhibition area of the National Convention Center of the 2023 CIFTIS

Chat and draw with AI virtual humans, generate your own AI digital avatar, call on AI assistants to write a mid-year summary... Generative AI technology is reshaping industries around the world, and trade in services is no exception.

During this year's CIFTIS, new scenarios and new applications spawned by AIGC (generative artificial intelligence) were unveiled.

The International Innovative Enterprise Exhibition Area attracted innovative enterprises from South Korea, Israel, Denmark, France, Japan and other countries to participate, involving digital technology, robotics, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud services, big data, network security, energy storage, intelligent manufacturing, engineering materials, integrated circuits, etc., which will accelerate the transformation of international technology project achievements and help Beijing build an international science and technology innovation center.

△The "Green Dual Carbon Smart Station" exhibited in the exhibition area of the National Stadium of the 2023 CIFTIS

In his video message, President Xi Jinping proposed: "Build a national voluntary greenhouse gas emission reduction trading market and support the service industry to play a greater role in green development." Promote the integrated development of service trade with modern service industries, high-end manufacturing and modern agriculture, and release more innovation vitality. ”

In the CIFTIS Environmental Services Exhibition, a number of new products, new processes and new technologies were unveiled, showing the achievements of China's green and low-carbon transformation.

China's first terrestrial ecosystem carbon monitoring satellite "Jumang"; China's first Level 4 autonomous freight vehicle; A "green dual-carbon smart station" that integrates a large number of hard technologies...

CIFTIS has set up a special theme exhibition area of "Dual Carbon Empowerment and Innovation Power", and launched a number of summit forums with the theme of green and low-carbon, exhibitors have brought cutting-edge achievements and pragmatic actions of green services, green technology and green business models.

The General Manager of Strategic Business Development Department of Amazon Web Services Greater China was deeply impressed by this: "China actively promotes the two-way integration of service trade in digitalization and greening, which brings many benefits to enterprises. ”

△On June 2023, 6, more than 16 ambassadors, business associations and heads of multinational companies from nearly 20 countries walked into Yizhuang in the high-end industrial area of the Beijing Pilot Free Trade Zone to form a group to feel the frontier vitality of Beijing's high-end industry.

CIFTIS is not only a platform for enterprises to demonstrate their "hard power", but also brings together new technologies, new formats and new applications of global service trade, showing the world how digital technology can change lives.

As President Xi Jinping said in his speech -

"We will share the achievements of Chinese-style modernization. Efforts should be made to expand domestic demand, accelerate the construction of a strong domestic market, take the initiative to expand the import of high-quality services, encourage the expansion of knowledge-intensive service exports, provide new development impetus for the world with China's large market opportunities, provide more and better Chinese services to the world with high-quality development, and enhance the sense of gain of the people of the world. ”

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