Beijing, September 9 (Reporter Gao Kai) With artificial intelligence becoming an emerging engine of the real economy, how digital literacy education can prospectively deploy related teaching, and how programming education as the underlying artificial intelligence technology can be combined with the latest generative AI to promote application practice, especially in the face of the science popularization mission of young people and strong China, has become an important proposition.

Professor Han Liqun at the event. Cheng telephoto

Professor Han Liqun, doctoral supervisor of Beijing Technology and Business University, academician of the Institute of Engineering Technology for the Developing World, and leader of the research group of "Teaching Guide to Artificial Intelligence Courses in Primary and Secondary Schools", pointed out at the "Let Creation Happen" press conference held at Today Art Museum a few days ago that in recent years, artificial intelligence is empowering thousands of industries and is profoundly changing the entire society, including education. "The question is how our children and young people, as well as all the public, should respond to such profound changes and rapid changes, and what we should do in terms of talent training, which our government has laid out as early as 2017."

Han Liqun summarized it as: gradually carry out the national intelligent education project, the whole people include all ages, the most important of which is primary and secondary schools, including primary and secondary school teachers; Set up AI-related courses in primary and secondary schools to enhance young people's technological literacy in AI; Build artificial intelligence disciplines and cultivate compound talents, mainly at the level of higher education and above, the cultivation of AI professionals; Form a highland of artificial intelligence talents in China. This refers to undertaking artificial intelligence core technology breakthroughs, technological innovation such talents.

She pointed out that at present, the actual changes at the professional level have made rapid progress in the past two years, but there is still much room for improvement at the popular science level, "We give primary and secondary schools artificial intelligence courses a positioning, which is a comprehensive quality education course aimed at cultivating ways of thinking that adapt to the intelligent era, improving the comprehensive ability of innovation awareness and AI technology literacy." ”

What kind of literacy and ability are needed in the future of this era? There is a view that highly repetitive and low-complexity work is the easiest to be replaced by artificial intelligence, and with the emergence of ChatGPT including AIGC technology, some of the original complexity of mental work has begun to be gradually replaced, for today's teenagers, the cultivation of underlying abilities is more important.

In Han Liqun's view, "In the era of intelligence, it is necessary to cultivate students' correct cognition of artificial intelligence from an early age, help them understand the application scenarios of AI technology, experience the sense of gain brought by AI technology, eliminate the sense of strangeness and fear, and be the master of the era of artificial intelligence." Therefore, today's children, even if they are not AI students in the future, must learn to embrace AI technology, learn how to integrate man and machine, and how to use various AI products to prepare for the future lifestyle. ”

In the day's event, the children's drawings completed by AI drawings selected from nearly 1,1 users appeared in the exhibition hall of Today Art Museum and were exhibited in the "2023 Tree, <> World ANOBO World Children's Science and Technology Art Roadshow", which contains the AI technology of NUWA infinite visual generative model, extending the children's paintings into a giant picture and creating an immersive new media interactive space. The reporter learned from the event site that the first course "AI Creator" produced by Watermelon Maker to systematically explain the artificial intelligence knowledge framework and AI tool application for teenagers has exceeded <>,<> summer users. In addition, the <> "Beijing Normal University-ANOBO World Children's Global Literacy Teaching and Research Base" was officially launched on the day of the event. (End)