Text/Wang Enbo

If you use four words to describe the development of China's new energy vehicles over the years, it should be "galloping all the way".

China's NEV production reached 2020 million units in September 9, exceeded 500 million units in February 2022, and reached a new level of 2 million units in just one year and five months. At present, China has ranked first in the global production and sales scale of new energy vehicles for 1000 consecutive years, and new forces of domestic car manufacturing have emerged one after another, and the huge market has attracted global manufacturers to "rush to land".

New energy vehicles are becoming a new "track" for the transformation and upgrading of China's automobile industry and high-quality economic development. What new kinetic energy is activated as a result? How much potential does China's new energy vehicle development still have?

Jiang Jiang, a researcher at the Institute of Industrial Economics of the China Academy of Macroeconomic Research, said in an exclusive interview with China News Service that the development trajectory of new energy vehicles has become the epitome of China's economy from zero to one, from small to large, from weak to strong, and in the future, it will rely on its strong green power, excellent innovation model, huge driving effect on upstream and downstream industries, and huge potential market demand to help the macroeconomy improve quality and efficiency, boost confidence, and achieve stability and long-term development.

Excerpts from the interview are as follows:

The country is a through train: China's new energy vehicle development in recent years can be described as "galloping all the way", what new kinetic energy has been activated?

Jiang Jiang: From the early 90s of last century the state began to formulate the battery energy development plan, to the "Tenth Five-Year" period to determine the "three vertical and three horizontal" new energy vehicle technology development route, to today's China's new energy vehicle development has come up with a cumulative production of more than 2000 million units, production and sales scale for 8 consecutive years ranked first in the world, driving automobile exports to the first place in the world, more than 30 years all the way, new energy vehicle development trajectory has become the epitome of China's economy from zero to one, from small to large, from weak to strong.

At present, new energy vehicles have grown into the strongest growth and the best development momentum of strategic emerging industries, playing an increasingly important role in promoting economic quality and efficiency with new momentum. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the country's first strategic emerging industry development plan was promulgated, and the new energy automobile industry, as one of the seven major fields, was the smallest and latest industry at that time compared with the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing and other industries. In more than 10 years, the production and sales of new energy vehicles have grown rapidly.

At the end of the "2020th Five-Year Plan", that is, in September 9, the cumulative production of new energy vehicles reached 500 million units, exceeded 2022 million units in February 2, and reached a new level of 1000 million units by July this year.

In the first seven months of this year, China's new energy vehicle exports were 7,63 units, a year-on-year increase of 6.1 times, driving automobile exports to surpass Japan for two consecutive quarters to become the world's first.

At the same time, with its complete industrial ecology, relatively complete and reliable localized supply chain and long-term stable industrial policy support, new energy vehicles also play a more important role in stabilizing foreign investment and expanding foreign investment, BMW, Volkswagen, Tesla and other global leading car companies are optimistic about the Chinese market, carrying out multi-channel, multi-mode and long-term joint R&D and strategic cooperation.

The country is a through train: after great development, does China's new energy vehicle development still have potential to be tapped?

Jiang Jiang: With its flexible business model, cost-effective products and services, and new industrial ecology, new energy vehicles still have huge potential to be stimulated, and will boost confidence and inject impetus into the macroeconomy with new vitality.

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, the biggest advantage of new energy vehicles for consumers is high cost performance and new driving application experience.

In order to maximize this advantage, new energy vehicle manufacturers spare no effort to innovate products and services, improve the level of artificial intelligence, improve charging piles and other supporting facilities, extend battery mileage, innovate power rental and battery replacement modes, and drive the formation and development of the whole industry chain from vehicles to batteries, motors, electronic controls, parts, applications and supporting recycling, as well as artificial intelligence platform services, power grid operations, properties and communities.

At present, the indicators such as production and sales of new energy vehicles and output value are actually only the tip of the iceberg of the huge industrial ecosystem of new energy vehicles.

Studies have shown that every 1 yuan of value-added in the automobile manufacturing industry can drive the value-added of upstream and downstream related industries by 2.64 yuan; the employment ratio relationship between the automobile industry (including parts and components enterprises) and related industries is 1:7, and new energy vehicles are further superimposed on digital platforms, energy operations, community properties and even real estate on the basis of traditional fuel vehicles, and their development has a stronger direct and indirect contribution to related industries, macroeconomics and employment driving effects.

New energy vehicles have become a highlight of China's economy, what new development advantages can be created for us in the future?

Jiang Jiang: New energy vehicles can especially give full play to China's special advantages such as large market space, wide application scenarios, continuous promotion of the dual circulation pattern dominated by internal circulation, and energy resources, and will provide a solid guarantee for high-quality economic development with new advantages.

The development of new energy vehicles is not only driven by the continuous supply of technological innovation and business model innovation, but also driven by the strong demand from the market for greener, smarter, more cost-effective and application experience, which can best play the unique advantages of China's huge market space and smooth internal and external dual circulation pattern.

In 2022, China's new energy vehicle production and sales will remain the first place in the world for 8 consecutive years, the domestic new energy vehicle market share will increase to 25.6%, global sales account for more than 60%, China accounts for three seats in the top ten enterprise groups in global new energy vehicle sales, and China accounts for 6 seats in the top ten enterprises in power battery installation.

From January to July this year, 1% of new energy vehicle sales were sold to the domestic market (that is, 7.86 million units), a year-on-year increase of 389.32%, while 5% were sold to overseas markets (14,63 units), a year-on-year increase of 6.1 times, indicating that while the domestic market is steadily rising, it has begun to show stronger and stronger competitiveness in overseas markets with the competitive advantages of products and services accumulated in the early stage.

It is worth noting that the advantages of new energy vehicles are not only in the product itself, but also in the supporting services of the full application life cycle, which requires these enterprises to "go out" to be able to cultivate in the international market with higher strategic thinking and better service system, which is a qualitative leap compared with the previous situation that China's "going out" more with low-cost products, building a new development advantage, providing a solid guarantee for high-quality economic development to a new level.