According to the expert, the possibility for the adoption of the project "is absolute."

"The president and the president's office continue to control the parliament of Ukraine, primarily through their party and the Servant of the People faction, there should be no technical problems in this regard," Denisov said.

He stressed that the population will react negatively, because "such initiatives have never been positively perceived and cannot be perceived."

"And so against the backdrop of a rather serious economic crisis that Ukraine is currently experiencing, any increases, whether taxes or deductions, are perceived by ordinary citizens extremely negatively," the expert explained.

As the interlocutor of RT added, for a year and a half, Ukraine cannot independently fill its budget and exists at the expense of external borrowings from its foreign partners.

"Whether it's loans, transfers related to credit lines, just direct subsidies, as the United States allows itself to do, in this regard, they are well aware that for any government, the more money you can collect and use it, the better," he concluded.

Earlier it became known that the military tax for individuals in Ukraine is proposed to be tripled from January 1, 2024. This is stated in the bill of the Ministry of Finance of the country.

The published document states that the military tax rate will be increased to 4,5% from the current 1,5% for the duration of martial law, 50% of revenues will be directed to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.