In Ukraine, Russian troops carried out a massive missile and drone attack on the capital, Kyiv, killing at least two people. On the other hand, in Russia, it seems that there have been drone attacks on six provinces, such as military airfields being attacked by drones, and the exchange of drone attacks is intensifying.

The Ukrainian military announced that from the early morning of the 30th to the early morning, the Russian military carried out an attack with 28 missiles and 16 drones, and intercepted all but one drone.

Kyiv authorities said they intercepted more than 1 missiles and drones in the capital, some of which fell in multiple places, killing two guards in their 20s and 20s and injuring three others in the city center.

"Kyiv has not experienced such a powerful attack since this spring," it said.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on the 30th that
Bryansk Oblast in the west, which borders Ukraine, and the outskirts of the capital Moscow,

In five provinces, including the Kaluga region adjacent to Moscow Oblast, the Ukrainian side announced that it had launched drone attacks but shot down any of them.

In addition, Russia's state-run TASS news agency reported on the 2th that a military airfield in Pskov Oblast in northwestern Russia was attacked by a drone at night, damaging four Ilyushin 3 transport aircraft.

The Associated Press reported that drone attacks were launched on six Russian provinces overnight, "believed to be the largest drone attack since the Russian military began invading Ukraine," and the exchange of drone attacks has intensified.

In Crimea, southern Ukraine, which Russia unilaterally annexed, Russian officials said on the 30th that they had repelled an attack by Ukrainian drones on an unmanned surface boat, and the Russian Defense Ministry also announced that it had found and destroyed four high-speed boats believed to be carrying up to 5 Ukrainian special forces in the Black Sea. It seems that the offensive and defense are continuing.

Damage to central Kyiv

In addition, in a shopping center in the center of Kyiv, some fragments that were intercepted fell on the roof, causing a fire.

The fire was extinguished by morning and no one was injured.

Parts of the rooftop where debris appears to have fallen can be seen to be littered with debris and holes.

A 22-year-old woman who lives nearby said: "I didn't know where the attack was coming from, I was very scared, I heard a loud explosion and I thought I might die."

A 40-year-old man said, "I heard an explosion, so I took refuge with my wife in the bathroom and waited for about an hour. It's very scary because it happened so close."